Gameifying the Billion Hero Challenge

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Explaining the Billion Hero Challenge to the digital currency community is far different than how it will be explained to the masses. There will be many ways - that’s part of the game.

You could put up a web site that explains that people can earn 5% by putting their existing nest eggs into HEROs or speculate on the value of the BitShares Sovereign Software Company that manages them and how those will have, by definition, grown by 1000x by the time the billion-hero-prize is awarded.

How boring.

Fiscal responsibility is for financial geeks.

But give me training wrapped in a game supporting a cause I care about? Now we’re talking!

This is what we have to get through our heads. People need to be able to join the challenge without knowing its good for them!

Gameification 101

The essence of Gameification, as we learned in Hollywood last month, is not requiring a user to understand the game before she can start playing. There are levels of competence. You don’t encounter Bionic Godzilla in Level One.

Completing each level should be mildly challenging and rewarding and result in skills that can be applied at the next level.

By the time you get to Level 33 - users will be trading financial derivatives and buying yachts with their surplus retirement funds.

But not at Level One.

This is how Consumer Reality Services plans to win the Billion Hero Prize. I know none of the details. But I did take their training.

But this is what I want to build into our new mainstream-oriented web site at

You show up there at Level One in my game.

My goal is to make you a Game Master who is developing your own game — one better than mine. One which will graduate more economically savvy HERO heroes.

But first, you need a BitShares account.

A simple game example

You go to the front page and meet a group of celebrities and their causes. They all ask you to help them win a big chunk of the billion-hero-prize.

Your job is to VOTE for the one cause you like best.

Poof. You get asked to join their team and get issued your Team Membership Kit.

It includes a personalized letter from the celebrity hero emailed to you with Something of Nominal Value - Free Game Tokens.

You are now registered with a BitShares account that has its proxy set to vote for that team leader’s account.

It also comes with that celebrity hero’s IT manager’s account as a co-signer in case you lose your keys because you’re too much of an irresponsible noob to back them up and write them down …even though we told you to do so in bold red letters when you first created it. Three. Freaking. Times!

…but I digress.

(You be taught to remove the co-signer later, at Level Seven, when you’re all grown up and responsible like me.)

I’ll leave it to your imagination how you will be led to do certain tasks that help your team and teach you stuff that makes you competent at moving worthless tokens around while improving your team’s overall score in the Quest to win a chunk of the billion-hero-prize.

Eventually, you are made aware of the fact that there are more valuable tokens that make you more powerful at helping your team win. You are showed how you can even spend them on beer at your local 7-11 using your team-branded HERO debit card.

Naturally, you are informed that your team needs to score just this much more to move ahead of the next team on the totem pole. There will be suggestions on what you can do. Save your lunch money. Do a bake sale. Start a company. Put on a global concert tour… or at least attend one.

When you get to the level where you are helping to bail out Argentina, you will have been thoroughly briefed on all the details of the BitShares Decentralized Exchange, Smartcoin Factory, and Robotically Honest Global Financial System.

But not at Level One.


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