Witness Update: HF 19, Blocksize and Status

Author: sc-steemit

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It’s just been a few days since I posted my thread about my intent to become a witness, and I already have a few decisions to consider as one. These are some very exiting things happening.

Hard Fork 19

Much talked about Hard Fork 19, comes live at Tue, 20 June 2017 15:00:00 UTC.

My node will support this fork, and I think the new linear reward is an improvement. Though, there is much to work on for the future updates.

  • Linear Rewards The rewards will be based on a linear reward instead of, as now, a square reward. A user with 1000 SP will have 1000x more powerful vote than someone with 1 SP
  • Increase Vote Impact Voting will be 4x as powerful, resulting in just 10 votes per day at 100% to use up all your reward pool share. To make the same amount of votes as today (40 votes) anyone just needs to set the voting power to 25%.

@aggroed makes some very good comments on the changes and the possible side effects if it. I can agree with these worries, but I hope for a stable switch to the linear rewards.

Increased blocksize by x2

With a account creation of 0.2 STEEM, I agree with @timcliff with the increased blocksize to 131072 to make sure that new users aren’t running into any issues using the page.

Current Nodes Status

My intention is to set up a backup witness node quite soon. Even tough I’m just starting up I wish to show that I’m serious about being a witness and will be making sure that I can support the platform smoothly. A full seed node will also come very soon.

  • Main Witness Node running latest v0.19.0
  • Backup Witness Node: Coming Soon
  • Full Seed Node: Coming Soon

Intent to replace all the dead witnesses

Vote for me as a Steemit Witness


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