Important callout to all Steemians, Please vote on active witnesses!

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Many of You might not know that the fact that work is because of a group of users that acts as so called Witnesses. These help and make sure that all your posts, votes, transfers and general all day activity work as expected. They make sure that all blocks are recorded to the blockchain, that there is a delegated price feed for the SBD/STEEM price and to make sure that changes to the underlying system have a consensus whenever the developers release a new version (or make sure there is no update if they think it isn’t good).

SBD Interest, Disabled Nodes and Price Feeds

In this post I would like to talk to you about the every day activity that are put upon a witness to perform, and that some aren’t doing this task.

The SBD price been quite high for some time now, and one way for the community to make sure it doesn’t go to far from the 1 Dollar = 1 SBD peg is to stop reward interest on SBD holdings. This is one of the jobs that a Steemit Witness has to make sure the price peg stays close to the goal.

Another very important job is to keep an updated price feed to make sure the price actually stays to the Dollar Peg. Here we also have a few nodes that does not do this.

  • If you haven’t voted on a witness before, make sure to go to the witness voting page and vote for an active witness.

  • If you have voted one of the following witnesses you should either reach out to them and request them to change, update or activate their nodes again or remove your vote from them to let new witnesses climb the Witness list.

All this data can be found at

14 active witnesses are rewarding interest

All the top 19 witnesses have SBD interest set to 0%, and that’s good. But there are other witnesses that aren’t doing this, and they reward anything from 0.1% to 10%(!).

You can see the platforms current interest share of the rewards pool at steemdb. This number can change from time to time based on who actually makes the block and if they have any interest set to be rewarded or not.

This was not the SBD interest, but the Steem Interest. SBD Interest is set to 0% by consensus. You see how easy it is to make a mistake even tough you’ve been around for a long time and read all the data :D
However, there are still backup nodes that are trying to delegate a consensus of a higher interest than the rest of the network.

Witness|APR %|Position|Version|Status -|-|-|-|- @bue |10%|48|0.19|Active @masteryoda |10%|52|0.19|Active @steemed |7%|50|0.18.1|Active @team.alpha |5%|64|0.18.1|Active @blockchained |5%|85|0.18.1|Active @fubar-bdhr |2.5%|71|0.18.2|Active @steempty | 2%|29|0.19|Active @joseph | 1%|32|0.19|Active @idnit |1%|68|0.19|Active @au1nethyb1 |1%|47|0.18.1|Active @theprophet0 |1%|48| 0.18.1|Active @glitterpig |1%|83|0.18.1|Active @cyrano.witness |0.1%|44|0.18.3|Active @steemychicken1 |0.1%|31|0.18.2|Active

6 active witnesses have no price feed

A correct and updated price feed is a vital part of being a delegated witness, and these nodes aren’t cutting it for some reason. Some of them also have an interest for SBD.

Witness|APR %|Position|Version|Status -|-|-|-|- @complexring |4%|38|0.19|Missing Price Feed |2%|33|0.18.1|Missing Price Feed @stephanie |1.1%|82|0.18.1|Missing Price Feed @enki|1%|79|0.18.1|Missing Price Feed @mckenziegary |0%|87|-|Missing Price Feed @steemitboard |0%|93|0.18.2|Missing Price Feed

A large amount of disabled witnesses

The Top 100 list of witnesses have a very large amount of disabled witnesses. This happens if a witness misses to many blocks or if the owner requests it.

We have 29 disabled witness nodes on the Top 100 list!

Witness|APR %|Position|Version|Status -|-|-|-|- @bbdevfund |10%|80|-|Disabled @kushed |10%|54|0.16.1|Disabled @nextgencrypto |10%|55|0.18.1|Disabled @picokernel |10%|60|0.16.1|Disabled @tdv.witness |10%|65|0.16|Disabled @nonlinearone |10%|84|0.16|Disabled @bitcube |10%|67|0.13|Disabled @hagie |10%|69|0.16.2|Disabled @linouxis9 |10%|70|0.14.2|Disabled @silversteem |10%|72|0.13|Disabled @dantheman |10%|73|0.14.2|Disabled @steve-walschot |10%|74|0.14.2|Disabled @jabbasteem |10%|75|0.14.2|Disabled @blackwidow |10%|76|0.16|Disabled @boombastic |10%|95|-|Disabled @mineralwasser |10%|96|-|Disabled @cryptos |10%|97|0.16|Disabled @lafona |10%|78|-|Disabled @crypto777 |10%|89|0.14.2|Disabled @pumpkin |10%|90|0.16.1|Disabled @dele-puppy |10%|91|0.14.2|Disabled @mrs.agsexplorer |10%|92|0.16|Disabled @bitcalm |10%|99|0.14.2|Disabled @paynode |9.5%|98|0.14.2|Disabled @royaltiffany |6%|81|0.16|Disabled @nexus-dev |4%|77| 0.18.1|Disabled @bitcoinparadise |3%|88|0.18.1|Disabled @rainman |2%|94|0.17.1|Disabled @proctologic |0%|66|0.19|Disabled

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