[Guest Signups] Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #212 - 6/23/17 - (Debut your Project for $100's in Rewards!)

Author: officialfuzzy

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Get your project noticed by the community that led to Steem’s Creation!


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These tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your steem posts!

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Thank you to all people who join these hangouts to talk about your work! You provide transparency and a record of your efforts in a community who was built to support those with a willingness to remain accountable and transparent in the “Wild Wild West”. ~@officialfuzzy

How to get Coverage of your Project: Leverage Your Community!

Post to this and future Hangout Announcements telling us if you are going to be there and what project/topic you would like to cover with the Beyond Bitcoin Community. The highest voted project/topics at the start of the hangout every Friday @ 3pm UTC will be covered first, followed 2nd highest, 3rd highest…etc in sequence from highest to lowest.

How much time will we have?

Hangouts will be at least 45 minutes long, but depending on attendance and projects/topics to be covered may last up to 3 hours. Given this, we will try to be as flexible with guest speakers as possible, but will be forced to limit the number covered in any hangout to 10. This should enable us to at least let people speak/take questions for 15-20 minutes each.

Is coverage all I get?

No. You also get the opportunity to post links relevant to your projects, steemit posts/updates about your project and have those links posted to soundcloud and the steemit thread where the hangout is posted. And we can’t forget that every Approved Guest Speaker will get a number of WhaleShare Tokens equivalent to the amount of SP earned by each week’s RSVP post for speaking!

Is any topic off Limits?

Yes. We reserve the right to learn from the newest trickster trolling steemit consistently searching for way to insert chaos into the equation and devise future strategies for negating these. Naturally if these efforts become ham-fisted attempts at shutting down free speech in honest conversations, the audience will hold us accountable. But with that said….pretty much anything can be covered—even up to and including current events. However, I personally will only be voting up stories that touch the blockchain in some way shape or form and will be asking the community to downvote absolute Rubbish! ;)

How to Join

Step 1: Download Mumble Here Step 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQSilwOySU8

Step 3: Enter the following information: https://img1.steemit.com/0x0/https://i.imgsafe.org/4bc57ea348.jpg Label: BeyondBitcoin Address: Port: 64738 Username: Enter your username Password: w0rldCh@NG3rsUN!t3 Step 4: RSVP Below with the following details: > 1. Project/Topic Name/News Piece >2. Relevant Steemit Tag? >3. Appropriate links to share? >4. Steemit and/or Mumble account name of Representative/Speaker >5. How should we Introduce you/your project/your news coverage? >6. What is your bitshares account name? ---- ---- ###
Listen to last week's Hangout Here!
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During the Week you can find us in [Our 24/7 WhaleShares Server!](https://discord.gg/Sw23U2) (*preferably the Adult Swim VOIP*)
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