Litecoin to get added to Two Exchanges!

Author: kingscrown

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Lately i wrote how Coblee (creator of LTC) left Coinbase to work on LTC.

Seems it was a wise move, today during BTC drops Coinbase went down - not first time in their history when theres fluctuations.

Now there is more good news for Litecoin.

LTC TO BE LISTED ON BITSTAMP - MONDAY Its one of top EU exchanges, which i personally like a lot.

Bitstamp Volume

Bitsquare to Add LTC and DOGE Bitsquare is a decentralized exchange, we could say a competitor of our own Bitshares OpenLedger.. But competitor only technology wise, volume wise its low compared to OL. If you havent use OL before, its highly suggested to register.

Bitsquare Volume

OL Volume

Prediction and Trading

People say - buy the rumor sell the news. Usually after adding to new exchange price initially dumps but you can never know with oldschooler like LTC. If you dont have a good position its suggested to play forex style with leverage on sites like BitMex or SimpleFX. Current stats of LTC.

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