Dont know how to trade? Automatically copy other successful guys!

Author: kingscrown

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I have spoken of 1broker before with a litte review, full text here

Lately the website changed UI but that doesnt matter..

They have added cooler thing - you can choose traders and just copy their moves with any amounts you wish!

1Broker Description

Its an old forex/CFD site where using BTC you can anonymously trade stocks, currency pairs and commodities. The fees on site are pretty low. and more explained below. If you just want to use the site for buying stocks of some companies with BTC.. Theres plenty.

Copy Other Traders

The minimal trade is 0.001 BTC so its suggested to put 0.1-0.05 at least to test it.

First we create account They dont need any data, just email. Then go into deposit page and load it with BTC.

We go back to main page (but have to be logged in) and we will see most popular traders.

Now we choose trader(s) We can see how much he played with, how often he plays etc. Based on this we can follow him or skip. You can choose as many traders as budget allows you.

Choose amount of BTC

Yes we will be trading USD amounts but based on BTC number, so in this case i would want to do 1 BTC per trade and 10 trades a day. Way too much. I suggest 0.001 or 0.005 per trade max for start with 10-25 a day.

Minimal Amount

That would be the setup, 2USD+ per trade and 10 a day.

And you are set!

Just keep in mind that if you choose wrong guy or he has bad day.. you may lose. So never gamble more than you can afford losing. You can cancel the following any time, even before any trades.

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