Bitshares Latest Stats, Graphene Coins and Upcoming Stuff!

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I remind this as mantra but i get so many new followers weekly/daily that i need to - STEEM is built on Graphene technology which was first getting sophisticated on Bitshares. This is wht BTS people often post here - this coins are connected to each others by technology.

So lets see whats going on there!

OpenLedger (decentralized Exchange) Volumes

Never been there? Registration is free, STEEM and SBD is there. BTS and ETH are top volumes currently. If you heard of hacked exchanges - this one is decentralized, your wallet is your exchange.

Bitshares Price and Markets Today we are at 0.00012961 BTC but it was higher latest days. Worth to mention this coin is really running good now, was trading below 1000 satoshi for long time. We have a momentum here. China is fully driving the volume and prices.

BTS in Top Volumes

If we go by 24h trading volume BTS is in top9. This means its getting really popular and we can expect more moves.

HERO Token

This is token you buy on OL but needs a few sentences write up - excuse me. The hero is a stable, fast, appreciating market pegged asset that is backed by the equity of the platform which manages it. No counter party risk like other currencies backed by government debt or gold that may or may not be in a vault. And it grows, by definition, by 5% APR against the dollar. @stan can explain more

PPY Launched & To Be Added @ OpenLedger

Another Graphene coin was launched lately after succesful presale - PeerPlays. While its not tradeable yet on OpenLedger its being worked on so prepare for adding of it any day. Current price below, but i suggest to wait for normal exchange like OL. Here is my post after launch of the platform - with some important info.

Other Graphene Coins Stats

  • EOS Incoming, we have more and more news about it from @eosio
  • XMS Trades on LiveCoin, its not created by usual BTS team and no idea of plans for it. STEEM BTS SBD trade there too.

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